52 Project – Tryptych

The theme this first week of April is tryptych, which is defined by wikipedia as, ‘A photographic triptych is a common style used in modern commercial artwork. The photographs usually arranged with a plain border between them. The work may consist of separate images that are variants on a theme, or may be one larger image split into three.’ This week has been disgustingly rainy and gray in Nashville so Ellie and Blue tried to create their own fun with this assignment. Many thanks to my friend Ranae for Blue’s styling frog headband.


Blue does Easter headbands

Ellie was so ashamed she refused to look at the camera

Ellie does Easter headbands

Swing around and see what other fun images were created this week starting with Toronto based Posh Pets Photography. Happy Friday!

  1. 05th Apr 2013

    Spring has sprung…at least on Blue and Ellie’s heads! Nice photos!

  2. 05th Apr 2013

    LOL! The things they do for us! So sweet. Happy spring!

  3. 05th Apr 2013

    Cute hats!

  4. 05th Apr 2013

    Oh my! I love them all but the header photo is so great! Nice job!

  5. Sharon Stokes
    05th Apr 2013

    Oh poor Ellie, the things a photographers pet has to put up with 🙂 As usual Blue is always here to put a smile on my face. Two great sets of images.

  6. 06th Apr 2013

    What cooperative dogs you have! I hope you paid well for the session. 🙂

  7. Hahahaha they both made me laugh! Blue is so into it 😀

  8. 07th Apr 2013

    These are priceless! Love them!

  9. 29th Jul 2018

    I love these!

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