52 Project – Urban

This week the selection was to focus on urban settings. The idea was to bring our pets to the city. To take photos of the pets in front of buildings, gritty wall textures, in alleyways or maybe even by some graffiti (which made me think of this shoot with Blue).

Nashville has multiple great urban looking locations. The key was to find one that wasn’t overly trafficked with visitors and/or wasn’t in an unsafe neighborhood. We ended up at the Marathon Motor Works Building just outside of downtown. It turned out to be a great location, but to my surprise did have a lot of tourists out and about. My dog model for the day, Nika, wasn’t thrilled about the urban part of the assignment, but decided she would allow a few glamour shots in and around the building. Nika is a 7 month old lab/boxer/heeler mix. She is cute as can be and full of energy. Check her out!

Urban Pet Photographer

Urban Pet Photographer

Nashville Dog Photographer

Nashville Dog Photography

Middle Tennessee Pet Photographer
See what other urban areas are represented in this week’s blog circle starting with Fort McMurray Pet Photographer, Kelly Ladouceur. Have a safe and happy long weekend!

  1. 25th May 2012

    I can only imagine how challenging this type of photography can be. Humans are hard enough to work with but at least you know they will sit and stay when you tell them – usually the first time! I’m really proud of you and your photos are great!

  2. 25th May 2012

    Gorgeous location! I just love looking at everyone’s urban finds!

  3. 25th May 2012

    What a cutie! I love that first photograph, big fan od the color in the background 🙂

  4. Sharon Stokes
    26th May 2012

    Great series, Nika did a wonderful job for such a young dog, she will be a star in no time 🙂

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