52 Project – Vintage

After a week hiatus due to moving we’re back with this week’s 52 Project topic Antique/Vintage. After thinking about this task for a day I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I hired Ellie, who was paid in treats, to take some photos with my late 1960’s Calumet 4×5 medium format film camera. It started out pretty promising with her making adjustments and looking through the viewfinder, but quickly she started daydreaming and then fell asleep on the job. Soon after she was fired, but unfortunately she collected her pay up front so I was out of luck all the way around. Enjoy!

Ellie takes medium format photos

On a more serious note the camera used in our photo shoot belonged to my Uncle John. It was a gift he received from his parents when he graduated from RIT with a degree in Photography in the 60s. It was given to me after he passed away in August 2012. He is forever loved and missed.

Now head down to sunny Florida to see what antique or vintage photos Emma Grace Photography – Pet Photographer based in Clearwater, FL and the surrounding Tampa Bay area came up with. Follow the blog circle around until you get back here. Welcome to August!

  1. Darci
    02nd Aug 2013

    Your storyline on Ellie made me laugh and it great with the pictures! What a nice gift from your uncle. I love old cameras.

  2. Tiffany
    02nd Aug 2013

    LOVE the 4 x 5- and the story about the camera belonging to your uncle. Hope you’ve used it!

    • admin
      02nd Aug 2013

      If by use you mean as a prop in a photo shoot then yes. Otherwise, not yet 😉

  3. 02nd Aug 2013

    Too cute!

  4. 02nd Aug 2013

    Awesome props!! And Ellie rocks it, as always!

  5. 03rd Aug 2013

    What a treasure of a camera! I have an old camera that was my grandmother’s that I love.

  6. 03rd Aug 2013

    Love the Ellie commentary and learning the history of the camera. Images are truly wonderful!

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