52 Project – Word(s)

We were tasked this week with adding words to our images for 52 Project. Blue and I set out to explore a new park/historic site in Franklin, Winstead Hill. Upon arrival we may have missed the sign indicating the start of the trail and instead got lost in what we later determined to be a preserved woodland (we’re sorry, but once you see the photo it won’t make our walking in there seem so bad). I had big dreams of photographing Blue around sunset in this lovely historic park and adding a heartfelt quote about the beauty of nature. It didn’t quite work out that way.

Blue and a pile of tires

The irony of how this assignment turned out reminded me of a photo with a quote I took for a Color Lab class at Nashville State Community College in 2011. Don’t tell Ellie I posted this photo.

Ellie wears a banana in the ghetto

Click around the blog circle to see what my fellow pet photographers came up with starting with Share the Joy Photography in the San Francisco East Bay. Happy September!

  1. 06th Sep 2013

    I love the juxtaposition of the tires and surrounding nature. And works well with your words! (ps – I also really like the font, what is it?)

    • admin
      08th Sep 2013

      Thank you, Iska! The font is called Traveling Typewriter (from dafont.com).

  2. 13th Sep 2013

    I love the first image, it could be an add for community clean-up projects!

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