Happy Birthday, Ginger!

Today is my sister’s birthday. She is 12 years old. I remember the day we went to see the litter of puppies. It was March 2000 and there were all different colors of puppies. A red puppy, a brown puppy and a white puppy. They were a special breed of possibly shepherd, collie and mutt. I loved the white puppy because it reminded me of my Taffy dog that we had lost the year before. My Mom wanted a puppy that looked different and she was wooed by the reddish colored puppy.

According to my Mom this puppy was going to be a birthday present for my Dad. I was in college at the time and it seemed the house was too quiet. If you know my Dad you would know this is a present he would have never asked for and claimed he didn’t want. In fact when the puppy was presented on his birthday he said, ‘take it back.’ My Mom cried and the puppy stayed. Her pretty reddish brown color led to a quick consensus on the name Ginger. Ginger was an adorable puppy and a holy terror. She destroyed everything she could get per paws on. She hated being crated so my parents kept her in the heated garage during the work day. Each and every day she made a new mess – paper towels, garbage, tools, pee, poop – you name it and it was on the garage floor by the end of the day. She was so lucky she was cute because I spent most lunch hours that summer cleaning up the destruction in the garage just so she could do it all over again in the afternoon. I forgave her (usually).

Now remember when I said my Dad wanted to send the puppy back? Today he claims he never said that and most of the time you can find them together sitting downstairs watching tv or eating in the kitchen. He is a sucker for Ginger. She cons him into treats, treats and more treats every day. Every week when I talk to my parents on the phone I also talk to Ginger. This is led into by the phrase, ‘Sissy is on the phone.’ Then followed up with some barking and more than likely rewarded with a treat. Sometimes Ellie and Blue talk to Auntie Ginger on the phone as well. The few times they have been to see her she has been a less than gracious host, but what do you expect after 12 years of being an only dog. So to Ginger (Gingi, Gin, Sis, Sissy, Lady, Big Girl, Stinky Mouth) we hope you are having a very Happy Birthday and we love you!!

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  1. tiffany
    09th Feb 2012

    Great story! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Danielle
    09th Feb 2012

    Happy Birthday Ginger!!! I remember the day you got her, too. She’s a great pup!

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